DHC Consultant is Featured Presenter at 2009 Retail Conference


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Lee Nichols is Featured Presenter at 2009 Retail Conference

SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO, CA, March 30, 2009 – President and CEO of Dechert-Hampe Consulting Lee Nichols was a featured presenter and panel member at the 2009 MPA Retail Conference held in Miami, Florida last week. The conference explored the changing retail landscape and how publishers and retailers can work together to ensure success, both now and in the future.

Nichols presented “Visions of a Changing Retail Landscape”, (Download presentation) which provided the results of two surveys conducted in partnership with Retail Wire ( on what members of the MPA and the Retail Wire community felt were important factors for success in the magazine/book category going forward. For example, for retailers the most promising opportunities for the magazine category were improved in-store location, improved quality of display and better merchandising. Looking at category promotion opportunities, 55% of the retail executives emphasized cross-merchandising.

Participating in a panel session entitled “New Realties for Magazine: Where the Opportunities Lie”, (See conference highlights) Nichols said that retailers and publishers are both looking for direction from each other on how to improve sales, but aren’t giving each other the right data. Retailers are saying to publishers, ‘Help me tailor these titles to my store,’ but publishers want to know things like how the changes in daily traffic at the stores will affect how many titles are sold. But they won’t know these things unless they’re given the right information.

The full presentation of “Visions of a Changing Retail Landscape” can be found at (Download Presentation) and the panel discussion at panel discussion highlights.

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