Building Equity With the Customer: Customer Service Benchmarking Study


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Building Equity With the Customer:  Customer Service Benchmarking Study

TRUMBULL, CT, November 29, 2005 – Recent findings from the DHC Customer Service Benchmarking Study supports the conclusion that collaboration is a key requirement for consumer package goods (CPG) companies to service their customers and win in the marketplace.  Study results show that reporting relationships, customer service representative alignment and ownership of key processes in the delivery of customer service vary significantly from company to company.  This creates the added need for cross-functional collaboration across the numerous points of contact that exist between manufacturer and their retail customers.

Additionally, although CPG companies track on average thirteen customer service metrics, “on-time” metrics are the most frequently tracked and valued by both CPG organizations and their customers.  The most common single metric was OTC (on-time and complete) with 93% of companies tracking this metric.  Improvement in this and other highly valued and highly tracked areas will certainly result in a more competitive market position for most companies.

However, some high value metrics are not always tracked broadly and this presents another opportunity for forward looking companies.  The survey identified several metrics that companies perceived to be of “great value”, such as “perfect order”, that were not consistently tracked by most companies. CPG companies can achieve best-in-class standing by tracking and acting on some of these more valuable and often more rigorous metrics for a more effective and efficient supply chain.

For more information on the complete study results, please visit our website at or contact Deck Murray from our Connecticut office at 516.449.3272.

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