Learning & Development ROI

The myth: "It's impossible to measure ROI on learning and development".  In fact, you can establish objective, credible measures of the success of your training and development. What's been missing is a simple yet robust process that you can apply across the spectrum of your programs and initiatives that is readily executable by anyone from the novice through the seasoned L&D professional.

DHC has developed its Learning & Development ROI Tool based on Kirkpatrick's measurement methodology - the industry gold standard. It provides the tools, processes, support materials, database and analysis tools to complete the evaluation. Here's what the tool can do for you:
  • Helps you determine the right level of evaluation you should apply to your training program
  • Builds Action Plans for implementing Level 1 through Level 4 measurement
  • Provides all support materials for implementing Level 1 through Level 4 measurement (communication plans, worksheets, templates - everything you need!)
Level 5 Evaluation - Return on Investment is custom built into the tool to match your organization's needs.

The tool is easily customized througout without need of specialized programming skills - basic Microsoft Excel knowledge is all that's required. And, the database that collects results can be ported to your LMS if you have one.

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