Case Study: Training to Ensure Organizational Success


In order to train new users and generate a loyal base of customers who would increase sales by recommending the products, this startup Midwestern internet software developer hired DHC to design and develop user training, deliver systems training, and establish training capabilities for the organization. The objective of the training was to allow users to quickly learn the basic features and begin using the program in less than a day of installation.


DHC designed, developed and delivered two interactive programs by working with the technical client staff as well as a user focus group:

  • New User Training – DHC developed an easily customizable training program that taught new users the basic features of the software in a half-day, interactive session. DHC employed stat-of-the-art adult learning methodology to combine robust content with a stimulating learning environment to ensure knowledge and skill transfer. The program combined hands-on activities and exercises with lecture, discussions and live examples.
  • Train-the-Trainer – DHC also designed, developed and conducted a program to teach the client’s technical training staff to conduct New User Training for maximum learning results. This training was designed to develop the skills of both inexperienced as well as seasoned trainers.

DHC developed no only detailed training materials, but also a user-friendly “User’s Guide,” the user manual distributed with the software.

DHC developed and executed a training schedule and plan that combined New User Training and on-the-job Train-the-Trainer training that successfully rolled out the new software package to users while developing the client’s internal training capabilities. The training incrementally stepped the training responsibility from DHC trainers to the client’s internal training staff.

DHC also developed the structure and procedures for a newly created training group within the client organization that matched the established culture and work methods of the organization.


Effective New User Training was completed on schedule an in time to meet the needs of the client’s new customers. At the same time, training development served as final test of the software while developing the internal training capabilities.

The software training was rolled out and deemed a success with the client’s customers, including the major user – a state bureau with significant influence over the software usage requirement of its member organizations. Essentially, anyone who wished to do business electronically wit the bureau is required to sue the client’s software and training. A review of the software, documentation and training secured the endorsement of the national trade organization that represents over 70 state and regional bureaus.


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