Why Dechert-Hampe

Dechert_Hampe_Why_DHCFocus your sales force’s capabilities for today’s challenges.

In a market environment where sales depend so heavily on a few centers of retail power, the selling process demands a more consultative and collaborative approach. The demands on today’s Sales and Marketing organizations by their customers are unprecedented; Sales organizations are smaller, and they bear responsibility not just for growth, but also for profitability.

To meet those demands, your Sales force needs more sophisticated capabilities in order to efficiently and effectively address a broad range of “go-to market” issues ranging from shopper insights, custom packaging, programming and in-store marketing, to demand forecasting and logistics across a complex set of product categories, distribution channels and store formats.

In this environment, Dechert-Hampe is a vital resource, offering:

  • Proven experience
    Dechert-Hampe has helped major consumer product and service companies market some of the world’s favorite brands and products, across numerous categories, distribution channels and store formats, for over 50 years.

  • A wide range of capabilities
    Our team consists of experts in field sales, brand management, marketing research, sales planning and operations, shopper insights and category management, human resources, demand management and logistics, retail operations, purchasing and merchandising.
  • Associates who have been in your shoes
    As a leader in Sales and Marketing consulting, we attract – and only consider – accomplished professionals to serve our clients. All have held senior positions for leading consumer product and service companies. So we understand the challenges you face, and how to attack the issues.

  • Dedication and passion
    The bottom line for us is that the client’s interests come first, because our success is a function of theirs. One of our clients, who is COO of a Fortune 100 company, recently summed it up when he said, “We enjoy working with you. You understand our business. You care about our success as much as we do, and we trust you!”


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